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The variety of handcrafted daiquiris at ITC Kakatiya will transport you from the city streets to the beaches in Cuba

Despise the bitter taste of beer or whiskey? Love to guzzle something which tastes nice but gives you the light buzz of an alcoholic drink? Daquiris at Marco Polo is your answer.A�The Daiquiri Festival Spring 2016 at ITC Kakatiya in Begumpet, unveils a collection of 30 specially handcrafted daiquiri — each playing with different flavours and textures.
Made with white rum, water and sugar, a daiquiri is an ideal drink during the glum monsoon season. The festival takes the diners on a journey of handcrafted cocktails rich in classic, fruit-based daiquiris.
The star of the selection, however, is the one with a distinctive Indian touch. For instance, the tamarind daiquiri is made with white rum and lime juice flavoured with the sweet-tangy date. Each cocktail can be complemented with different types of appetisers, to balance out the flavour.
Says Ashwin Narayanan, Manager F&B ITC Kakatiya, a�?Our special handcrafted daiquiri menu is a perfect blend of sweet, sour and spirit made fresh and served in a gorgeous slushy way. ”
“The unique mixing time and specific portions lend a distinctive taste and is the perfect summer sipper of Cubaa�?s golden age,a�? he adds.

The classicA�

The best way to start your evening is to go with the old classic. Made with white rum, water and lime juice mixed with sugar syrup, this cocktail bares the essence of it. This drink is served with a plate of nachos. The crunchy element in the snack along with the sweet-n-sour taste of the drink is an ideal marriage. This sets you up to try out the others in the class.

Irish Chocolate
After a spicy cocktail, this drink is an ideal way to cool down the palate with its refreshing sweetness. Made of white rum flavoured with dark chocolate and Irish coffee, this is for those who dig dessert liquor.

If you are sitting at the bar on ladies night, this is a drink you must order. Made with white rum, triple sec and rose flavour garnished with rose petals, this one steals the hearts of the ladies. The flavour, the fragrance and the after-taste makes it the perfect way to finish your evening.
The Daiquiri Festival Spring 2016 is on at Marco Polo, ITC Kakatiya, till the month end.A�Price `600.
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For those who want to try out a fruit-based cocktail, the watermelon one is recommended. What stands out about this cocktail is that there’s water in this and is made purely with the fruit juice, white rum, triple sec (an orange-flavoured liqueur made from the dried peels of bitter and sweet orange) and a dash of sugar. The sweetness of the watermelon juice goes beautifully with the acidity of the rum. If you are a fan of fruit-based cocktails, this will certainly make you happy.

Chilly Coriander
This onea��s strictly for spice lovers. A headymix of white rum, triple sec and lime juice garnished with green chilly and coriander leaves. At the first sip, the instant heat of the chilly hits your palate. The mint and coriander do a tango on your tongue.

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