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    Claire Danes on the high of gettingAi??manic and why this latest season of Homeland is politically loaded

    Homeland fans have been waiting an eternity for this. And here we are. Last season ended with ex-CIA agent Carrie Mathison played by Claire Danes in Berlin, attempting to thwart an attack. We still donai??i??t know whether her love interest Peter Quinn is dead or alive. Thereai??i??s also a brand new female President-elect on the show, who is eerily familiar. Ahead of the Season 6 premiere, Claire Danes talks about plot lines that run parallel to the current political scenario and why she loves working on the small screen.

    A lot of the issues that you deal with on the show almost run parallel to whatai??i??s going on in the world at the moment… Buy paroxetine online
    Yeah, I think that is one of the great achievements of our writers ai??i?? theyai??i??re not only able to put a mirror to whatai??i??s happening politically at the moment, but I think they are even able to anticipate what is going to happen.Ai??Right now, the show is focusing on the very complex, often precarious relationship between the US and Pakistan, how we are allies and we are not in some ways, you know ai??i?? and that is loaded.

    After two Golden Globes for the portrayal of your bipolar character Carrie, itai??i??s evident your research on the disorder is more immersive than just reading about it…
    Being able to observe people in their manic states was very useful, because itai??i??s one thing to read the theory behind it, the science behind it, but itai??i??s another to kind of get a sense of what the frequency is like, and what the affect is like, and itai??i??s kind of infectious, so you watch it and you just kind of catch it. So when Iai??i??m playing manic scenes, I tend to tune in and get that contact high and Ai??carry it onto set.Ai??The first series was hugely acclaimed, while with the second and third series, opinions were more polarised.Your thoughts? We have to follow our own diviners and just have faith that people will remain interested ai??i?? as interested as we are.Ai??We want to feel like thereai??i??s something at risk for ourselves creatively every time we go out.Ai?? Thatai??i??s the goal.

    After movies like Romeo+Juliet and Terminator 3, how do you like working on the small screen?
    Television had a very negative stigma for years and Iai??i??m so grateful for this fluidity between the mediums now, at least for actors.Ai??Weai??i??re able to create shows that donai??i??t have to account for commercial breaks.We donai??i??t have to tell 22 or 24 stories within a year, this way we can concentrate on a more contained number, so the quality of the material is improved.Ai?? So we can really burrow into a season and engage with a television show like we might a novel.
    The sixth season of Homeland premieres on Star World HD onAi?? January 16 at 9 pm.

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