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    Gallery Veda showcases the best of local sculptures at the show, Form and Function

    While paintings dominate the city’s artscape, bringing some heft into the picture is Gallery Veda’s new show, Form and Function. Showcasing sculptures curated by owner Preeti Garg, the collection features mostly local sculptors. “We’ve been wanting to do this show for a while, as we’ve had lots of enquiries,” she says, adding that the focus is on affordable art. “As we are on OMR, we mostly get expats, architects and those looking for pieces for their office space. So most of the pieces (exclusively made for the show) are small,” she adds.

    PARVATHY-NAYAR_FEMALE-HEAD_Ashwathi Mohan, the gallery manager, says that there is a huge variety on offer. “We have wall-mountable sculptures, stand alones and ones you can put on a pedestal—in mediums like wood, metal, ceramic and wire,” she says.

    The sculptors are a mix, too—with first-timers and the experienced participating. For many like Raviram Ramakrishna, a deaf-dumb sculptor whose work is popular in Bangalore and Delhi, this is an opportunity to attract local clients. “With this show he can showcase his skill here,” says his father P V Ramakrishna.

    At the gallery, from today till September. Details: 9840499429

    —Surya Praphulla Kumar


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