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Dastkari Haat Craft Bazaar

Dastkari Haat Bazaar opens today with over 100 stalls, workshops and more

Bringing us this montha��s offering of all things handmade is the fifth edition of the Dastkari Haat Craft Bazaar. Featuring arts and crafts like kani sozni from Kashmir, telia from Andhra Pradesh and hand woven textiles from Varanasi, the focus will be on traditional products with strong contemporary design inputs. a�?Of the over 100 artistes we are bringing down, around 30 will be newa��and by that I mean new people who are doing traditional crafts in a slightly different and interesting way,a�? begins Jaya Jaitly, founder-president of Dastkari Haat Samiti, a national association of craftspersons and organiser of the bazaar.
Close on the heels as it comes to the recent outing at Dilli Haata��where, as part of the a�?Arts of Friendshipa�� initiative, Tibetan crafts people shared their expertise with their Indian counterpartsa��we wonder if something similar is in store for Chennai, too. a�?Unfortunately, lack of funds has constrained us. But there are ideas of bringing Sri Lankaa��s batik experts down to work withA� kalamkari artisans here. I am also visiting Burma this year and a collaboration with them is something we could explore,a�? explains Jaitly.
Meanwhile, the Yarn Club is organising three talks (Feb 8-10, at 6 pm) at the venue, including The Royal Karuppur Textile by Bessie Cecil. Visitors can also participate in five painting workshopsa��madhubani, pattachitra, phad, gond and miniature painting (`300, Feb 9-13, 11 am to 2 pm). a�?Besides teaching the crafts, the artisans will also share their culture,a�? says Jaitly, adding that while here she will also be helping design permanent structures at Kalakshetra, which can be used to conduct cultural events. a�?For me, this will achieve the purpose of creating an environment for crafts in the city,a�? she signs off.
Rs 20. From February 6 to 15, at the Kalakshetra Foundation, between 11 am and 9 pm. Details: 24520836

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