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    Watch the British tough guy, Jason Statham, indulge in some high octane action sequence in his latest filma�� The Expendables 3. Often portrayed as an anti hero, the actor will be seen sharing screen space with the big daddies of action like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson. It has been a big party, they claim and in a recent interview, Statham and Stallone tried singing a few lines from the song Problems by US pop star Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea. Seen in movies like The Transporter and Italian Job, Statham is also rumored to be working on a Chinese action movie. The star reportedly had a near death experience while shooting for the The Expendables 3. He talks about his relationship with Stallone and playing a romantic hero:

    This is a hat-trick of sorts for you with Sylvester Stallone in the same franchise. What sets Expendables 3 apart from the other two?
    Ita��s probably the biggest action movie to be made. I say this for all the right reasons, you know. The people in it as we know, Sly and all of them, everybodya��s back, but this time around you know you have got Mel Gibson, Wesley Snipes, Harrison Ford anda��I mean, the list goes on. Ita��s never been seen to have an assemblage of so many significant faces of heroes.

    Tell us about the experience of working with these heroes and what the atmosphere is like on the set.
    (Mimicking Arnolda��s voice) Ia��m back! (normal voice) Yeah, Ia��m back regardless. Therea��s no question. I mean, we have such laughs in those films and the action is justa�� you can get away with anything. Ita��s so over the top.

    How would you describe the relationship between your character Lee and Sylvester Stallonea��s Barney?
    You know ita��s obviously an interview that has stood the test of time. You know they obviously have a different feeling about women in particular and relationships. Ia��m trying to get one and he is so jaded that he cana��t try and get himself into this nonsense.

    Who were you most influenced by while filming the movie?
    Slya��s been a movie star for all these years, but when you look underneath that, you know hea��s a filmmaker, a director, hea��s a writer. So nobody knows how to make these kind of movies better than him. Ita��s great to be around that kind of influence.

    Jason Statham is all action and guns and explosions. How about playing a romantic role?
    I never get a chance to be romantic. Ia��m just hitting people in the head and saying a�?Ia��m the police, gimme the car keys!a�? So yeah, I guess it would be an interesting prospect to consider.

    Therea��s been a trend in action movies more recently for ensemble casts, like Expendables or the one youa��ve recently joined, The Fast And The Furious. How does this differ from your Parker or Hummingbird?
    Ita��s a walk in the park in terms of what kind of pressure you have, because youa��re in something thata��s already a juggernaut of success. But, at the same time, you lose an element. Something like Hummingbird, you know, you do eight, nine weeks in the heart of London. Youa��re working with a small crew. For me ita��s the best kind of work, I love it. But, at the end of the day, the insurance of working with a big, already successful franchise just gives you the chance to do other things, on a more personal level. You know, we just acquired the rights to JJ Connollya��s new book, Viva La Madness. So, without doing the big blockbusters, I wouldna��t be able to find the money to go after little projects that I want to do.
    The Expendable 3 is scheduled to release on August 22.
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