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    The X-files returns after a gap of 13 years

    The legendary show on all things paranormal comes back on television, as creator Chris Carter revives the famous duo Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) after 13 years. In an interview, Carter talks about bringing The X-Files back to life.

    What do you like the most about being back with The X-Files?
    Ita��s a chance to do good work. When I got the call, I knew it was a chance to tell good stories. I had some in mind and you will see that in episode foura��ita��s something I have been thinking about for a while. Ita��s how I wanted to come back and reinvestigate it.

    When you were about to shoot that first scene, what were your initial thoughts?
    It wasna��t like it was a loaded moment. It was just a huge day of work and you run like crazy just to get the work done. It wasna��t like we had a chance to smile and enjoy the moment.

    What plans do you have for the romantic tension between Scully and Mulder?
    I think the romantic tension is always there, whether theya��re together or apart. So, I think that Tad Oa��Malley comes in here and creates a bridge between the two characters that are not living under the same roof.

    How did you know it was the right moment to come back?
    Well, I got a phone call, so I knew that they wanted to do it now. But I also knew that historically, I should say, wea��re in a period of history when ita��s a really good time to tell The X-Files story. Ita��s a period of paranoia. Ita��s a period where people are talking about conspiracies again. Ita��s a period where your government has admitted theya��re spying on you. So, wea��re living in a brave new world, if you will.

    Premiers on January 30. 9pm. Star World Premiere HD

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