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    Minnie Menon believes in looking and feeling good and she brings this philosophy to her intriguing new line of jewellery. Former advertising executive, erstwhile sports management honcho, B-school board member and a well known socialite, Menon is back after a brief hiatus. For the uninitiated, she confesses, a�?I have been making jewellery for over 10 years now. It started as a hobby. I wouldA� make my friends personalised gifts which they would love.a�? She launches her semi-precious line of earrings and necklaces at Mehta Jewellery on October 4.
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    Set in sterling silver, with a delicious palette of gems sourced overseas, Menon tells us that her design is guided a�?by a strong sense of imagery. I have a person in mind while I create a piece.a�? Nevertheless, every piece in her eponymous jewellery brand is evocative of her. Interestingly, in limited edition pieces, rocks take centre stage. From a pearl white moonstone at the tip of an all white party (necklace), a refreshing lime green fluorite choker with rough edges, black onyx beads to flirty purple drop earrings, every piece is imminently wearable. a�?I wanted my jewellery to be versatile. They can be worn gracefully with both saris and western clothes,a�? Menon offers.
    Building a brand
    a�?Chennai is not home to a well-known semi-precious brand,a�? she shares, aiming to make her boutique brand the first of its kind from the city. a�?Jewellery has to evolve with society. We simply cana��t own just heavy gold pieces. We need jewellery for parties, travel andA� much more,a�? she reasons.A� The columnist intends to carry on with her other work as well. a�?The city made me a socialite. Ita��s a job too; one which I take seriously,a�? she offers. The designer plans to nurture her designs and exhibit abroad. In her dA�but collection, we look forward to cocktail rings and bracelets and appreciate her personalised note and jewellery cases, something not a lot of other boutiques in Chennai provide.

    On October 4, at Mehta Jewellery in Alwarpet. Priced between `4,000 and `22,000. Details: 24662665

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