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    The city gets a much needed charter service, courtesy The Leisure Yacht Company

    Chennai can now boast of a yacht charter service courtesy city-based The Leisure Yacht Company. Though just one yacht strong, the service started by Indrajit Kalidasan, comes as a welcome surprise to the city that boasts of the worlda��s second longest stretch of natural beach. The yacht, Moonbeam, a 44-footer, has been designed by Paolo Velcich (who freelances for Wally, an Italian company that is to yachts, what Rolls Royce is to cars), and built in Dubai over a period of 18 months, wea��re told. a�?We transported it to Chennai on a car carrier,a�? shares Kalidasan, who is also the CEO of Chona Property, the parent company.

    Equipped with an outdoor deck, air conditioned interiors (living room, bed room, kitchenette and bathroom) and on board entertainment, the yacht is operated by a team trained by the Yacht Association of India. a�?In 2012, we recruited a group of seasoned fishermen whoA� were used to fibre boats and got them trained,a�? Kalidasan informs us, adding that they are certified and have their own licenses now. The yacht itself has been thoroughly checked by German company Lloyds (they certify ocean going cargo vessels) and certified safe. Commissioned last May, the yacht, can accommodate 15 and has been on trial runs for over 10 months. It is now available for bookings. a�?We have had several proposals on board till date,a�? Kalidasan says, adding that from small parties to early morning deep sea fishing trips and twilight cruises, the options are plenty.

    And at a pricing of Rs. 28,000 for 15 for three hours, it is a steal. Details: 9360213034, charters@tlyc.in

    a��Ryan Peppin


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