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    Give the bus a chance, with apps that make the trip real easy

    Uber taxis and Ola autos may have made travel easy, but the cost effective mode of transport still remains the bus. With many of us shying away due to lack of clarity on timings, schedules or a way to check multiple route options, we look at bus apps (yes, we have them) that havena��t really had their moment in the sun.
    Raft: Since its launch in the city last December, it has generated over 10,000 downloads. And thanks to an on-ground team that collects information daily, the app gives you up-to-date bus stop locations, route numbers and arrival schedules. You also get multiple route options, and using the Click-Tell feature, users can share their current location with anyone. Details: letsraft.in
    Chennai MTC Info: Launched in 2012, the app does not require an internet connection. Providing both direct and via routes, it shows the fare and journey time of all buses at a given location. Theya��ve recently added details like distance between two bus stops and integrated with Maps for real-time navigation. Details: play.google.com
    MTC Bus Route: Synced with Google Maps, the app recommends the best route based on the shortest distance and highest frequency. The offline-enabled app also allows you to search for information based on bus numbers. Its new features include 300 extra routes. Details: play.google.com
    MyMTC: The year-old MyMTC is a crowd-sourcing app that invites users to update the location, time and number of any bus that they spot. The info will then be updated on the app. Users can also tag themselves to the buses they frequent, to get updates. Details: itunes.apple.com

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