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Nondon Bagchi, the founder of Hip Pocket, on his favourite tracks and what to expect at The Park this weekend

With new members and fresh covers, the 18-year-old Hip Pocket comes to town for the first time this weekend. The sole remaining founder-member of the Kolkata-based classic rock band, Nondon Bagchi talks to us about the journey so far and the music that inspires them. On how it all started, Bagchi shares how some persuasive friends from the band Checkered Tricycles, saw him air-drumming once and told him they would a�?break his kneesa�� if he did not join them as a drummer. And once he was in, he was hooked. a�?It was in my soul or my DNA or whatever, I guess,a�? he says, explaining how he balanced music and teaching maths, until in 1996, he decided to make music his career and started Hip Pocket with a few friends.

Keeping it together
Talking about their success story, Bagchi, 61, shares, a�?We just do what we cannot help doing.a�? Influenced by Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Doors and Pink Floyd, Bagchi is a huge fan of Miles Davis, Elvis and Michael Jackson among others. However, he insists that his mother was the finest singer hea��s known. The band still plays twice a week at Someplace Else, at The Park in Kolkata.

City connect
On Saturday Bagchi and his band matesa��Sumith Ramachandran (guitar), Dominic Saldanah (keyboard) and Sankha Subhra Ghosh (bass and vocals) a��will play some of their famous rock covers like Black magic woman by Santana and Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix. Bagchia��s word of wisdom to young musicians: listen. a�?Dona��t even touch your instrument. Listen and figure out how the greats became what they did,a�? he concludes.

Hip Pocket will be performing at Leather Bar, The Park, tomorrow at 9 pm. Details: 42676000

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