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    GET ready to soak up some sun as the Covelong Point Classic Surf, Music and Yoga Festivala��organised by Arun Vasu of TT Group, Yotam Agam of Earthsync, and fisherman-turned-surfer Murthy Megavana��returns with its fourth edition. Having hosted the Asian Surfing Championship last year (a first for India), expect winners like local boys Dharani Selvakumar and P Sekhar and Auroville-based Suhasini Damien to hit the waves, in a bid to reclaim their titles at the national event. The festival will also sport a carnival vibe with water sports, yoga, food stalls and an exceptional lineup of bands.

    Board games
    The festa��s biggest draw is the national surfing competition, conducted by the Surfing Federation of India and Covelong Point Social Surf School. a�?We have over 100-200 participants every year. This year, we expect even more. While some of our best surfers are from Covelong, we have professionals coming down from places like Indonesia, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and Brazil,a�? says Vasu. With prize money of `50,000 to be won (across each of the six categories), register online for free till August 21. Festival day registrations are at `999. Details: covelongpoint.com/2016/sign-up

    Spot the sport
    For non-surfers, activities like beach football and volleyball, a slackline contesta��the first-of-its-kind herea��a standup paddle contest and a frisbee tournament promise to keep you engaged. The weekend will also see catamaran races, and swimming and kayaking events for the Coast Guard and Navy. Also stick around for the customary bonfire at the end.

    Tune in
    The festival is a destination for yoga too, starting from a blindfolded session to live music with meditation, with regulars like Divya Rolla, Joshna Ramakrishnan and Agam. Meanwhile, Monica G Sandifer will mix storytelling, music and meditation to present kids a unique approach to surya namaskar. `350 onwards at the Yoga Shala

    Plates and hats
    Food will get ample attention, with Vasu suggesting we try the local seafood. A Covelong dosa stall and tea kadai by the families of the surfers promise delicious local fare. Also look out for chicken and egg kathi rolls from The Bayleaf and organic juice by Covelong Point. With close to 30 stalls expected, retail therapy includes clothing, toys and accessories to official Covelong Surf-Turf merchandise.

    Base camp
    a�?From home stays to big resorts, everyone is involved,a�? says Vasu, speaking about the commercial value of the festival. Fancy staying in a tent on the beach? Casuarina Bay Beach Resort provides guests with the option of camping out. Free autos will ferry people from the main travel hubs to the venue. Stay from `1,400 onwards. Details: 9042117888

    A different wave
    Music is another highlight. With three stagesa��Acoustic, Beach and Yoga Shalaa��each has its own unique sound. a�?This is a big opportunity and wea��ve always tried to bring new talent,a�? says Agam, an Israeli expat who is also a producer and musician. The Acoustic stage boasts performers like Bengaluru-based Abhijeet Tambe, whileA� percussion fusion duo, Filter Coffee, returns to the Yoga Shala. If you missed the recent concerts of pop-rock band Thaikkudam Bridge, catch them at the Beach Stage. From 5 pm-9 pm
    Free entry. August 26-28.Details: covelongpoint.com

    a�� Lavanya Lakshminarayanan


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