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    If someone had told a radio pundit that one day the city would have a station that would play Hindi music—with talk that mixed English and Tamil—he would have been met with frowns and statements that the listener wouldn’t accept such a product. Chennai has always been plagued by the myth that only Tamil music connects with listeners.
    To impress listeners with something new has always been a work-in-progress for any radio unit, and when it’s music itself, it’s an uphill task. In Chennai, we have two stations that acknowledge listeners with different tastes. In a city like ours, which is ever expanding and evolving, it’s only logical that the same must be happening with the people that live in it, too.
    Airing songs in a new language successfully on radio only works if there is a brand new format. It’s always a hit or a miss, but the Fever 91.9 experience here is surely one that’s hit bull’s eye. Headed by Gangadhar Shastri, the sound of Fever is a mix of experience and new styles. Programming director, Harinarayan, has done well to bring out a soundscape that is new, refreshing and vibrant.
    We are always wary about something new. Case in point: before Amitabh Bachchan was an actor, he wanted to try his luck on radio. But he was rejected by a radio station on the grounds that he didn’t have a good voice. A new format with a new style is generally received with caution, sometimes criticism; but if the sound has soul, it will be accepted.
    I’ve heard brand new voices in the form of RJs Sindhu, Shyam and Syed, and that is a pleasant listening experience. When you have a satellite, your rocket better be good and I guess that is what makes the difference between crashing and staying in orbit. I’d love to hear Fever dramas and documentaries as that would complete their presence in Chennai.
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