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    ChloA� Grace Moretza��s latest, If I Stay, sees her playing a cellist who survives a head-on crash

    fter portraying the vigilante hit girl in the Kick Ass series, actress ChloA� Grace Moretz aims at reaching out to teenagers with her movie, If I Stay. The romantic drama, is based on Gayle Formana��s popular young-adult novel of the same name.This 17-year-old has already acted in 50 television shows and has been a part of movies like (500) Days Of Summer, Hugo, Let Me In and Carrie. Rumoured to be dating Brooklyn Beckham, she is a big fan of pop star Rihanna.A� In the movie, Moretz is seen playing a musician who meets with a car accident that kills her family and puts her in a coma. Moretz talks about her role , working with Jamie Blackley and reaction to the book.

    IIS-01741rWhat were your thoughts when you were first approached for If I Stay?
    I loved it. I love the character; her strength and ambition. I love that she is more than somebodya��s girlfriend. Mia is someone who actually has a life in front of her, someone that knew what she wanted from a young age.
    When you read the book, what was your reaction?
    Tears. I think it was the raw emotions. And then when I found out that Gayle actually was inspired by one of her friends when she wrote it, it became so real for me and made it much more than just a book. It really kind of screamed at me and reached out to me and touched my heart.

    Can you tell me a little about Miaa��what is she like and what is her journey in this film?

    When we meet Mia, shea��s a young girl on the cusp of adulthood, but still innocent.A�Shea��s a girl who knows what she wants, shea��s going to go get it, and she has nothing to get in her way. Shea��s not planning on getting into a relationship but she meets a guy and she falls for him, andA�thatA�kind of derails her thought process for a second.

    What was it like working with Jamie Blackley,to develop the bond your characters share in the film?
    Jamiea��s such a cool guy. We just became good friends and the rest was easy. We hung out a lot. We would all go on little tripsa��like we went to the mountain one day to find these bears. We went ice skating and to a concert.
    The movie is scheduled torelease today.

    Need to know
    Though the upcoming movie, Power Rangers, is in its intial stages, A-listers like Liam Hemsworth, Taylor Lautner and Moretz is said to be part of it. She is also working on Dark Places, The Equalizer and The Tale of Princess Kaguya.
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