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TV actor Kritika Kamra takes stock of her internet addiction, online safety issues and more

That unknown guy who pings you every time you are online may not be as harmless as he seems. Webbed, a mini-series by MTV on cyber crimesa��that looks into cyber stalking gone wrong and morea��is back with season two. This time, television actor Kritika Kamra is the anchor. We get talking to Kamra, a self-confessed internet addict, on the pros and cons of the internet.

Hooked for good
Kamra, known for her roles in television serials like Kitani Mohabbat Hai and Kuch Toh Log Kahenge, agreed to anchor the show on cyber crime because, a�?I am an internet addict. I am very active on social networking sites and you will find me online mostly at night.a�? The internet is very informative and interesting, she admits, adding, a�?you need to be aware and alert.a�? The show, a series of episodes based on real life incidents, aims to create awareness and caution the youth about using the internet. a�?Anything can go wrong onlinea��whether you are dating or have just developed a friendship. You never know who is on the other side,a�? Kamra says.

A sticky situation
On the show, Kamra will initiate friendly chats with viewers on the highs and lows of using the internet. a�?Just how Ia��d talk to my younger brother,a�? she says. The actor, who hasna��t been a victim of cyber crime in real life, adds, a�?People have misused my pictures, made fake accounts on social networking sites and have even mailed me asking for pictures by posing as casting agents. But Ia��ve been wary and not fallen into any traps.

a�? The problem with cyber crime, according to her, is that, while screen shots and print outs are all you need to go to a cyber crime branch to file a complaint, a�?there is no one we can really point fingers at. They are in a way protected by a�?anonymitya��.a�? Kamra hopes the show will make people aware about the different kinds of crimes that take place in cyber space.

PremieresA� on April 4 on MTV India, at 7 pm

-Sumitra Nair


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