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The past week was about the elite getting together to give back to nature, and to the underprivileged

The week that went by seems to have a natural focus towards environment, and society at large. The National Perma Culture Convergence at Agriculture University was a proud feather in the city’s cap. With over 50 speakers from different parts of the country featuring more than 1,100 participants, it was truly an event which brought us closer to Mother Earth and a platform for all aspiring farmers. A a�?No plastic-No Food Wastea�� event surely was an eye-opener for many.
Meanwhile the Celebrity Playoff – Cancer Crusaders Cup held at HICC was quite an eventful one. Esha in her grey outfit complemented with her charismatic smile seemed to carry off the perfect sport spirit. The event celebrated womanhood with an all-women ‘Celebrity Play off,’ a fundraiser event.
Looks like the Valentine spirit has already sneaked into the party loversa�� spirit. Geet Gupta hosted the pre-Valentine bash for her friends. The party experienced the V-Day in many spirits. Geet looked fabulous in blue! Shilpa in a grey and black combo conveyed to all that beauty in simplicity is the most sought -after.
Dear Father, a play organised by Mitr Foundation with Paresh Rawal playing a double role to raise funds for underprivileged children brought in many socially aware people together. Kavitha in a black top and Sheetall in a red jacket teamed up to radiate
vibrancy. Anisha in a lavender jump suit proved that comfort and ease are the essential components of fashion. Meher in blue flowing dress with dash of colors splashed on it carried her usual energy of wishing well for everyone.
All in all, it was a week that reflected the simple pleasures of life we experience when we stretch ourselves for a cause that is beyond our mundane needs.
(The writer runs her own organic cafe, spa, salon Meghavi and is a people’s person with a pulse on the


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