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    ITa��S been a crazy past year, with Chennai keeping its party animals well and truly busy. So, for our anniversary special, I am holding up the three things that wea��ve seen the most this year.
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    AcceptanceA�speechesTaapsee Pannu CIFW

    I will go so far as to say ita��s been the year of the awards, with recognition being handed across a number of categories. Trophies have been givenA�to the most talented, the most beautiful, the best dressed and, in some cases it appears, to people for being just plain fabulous. There are, of course,A�bound to be a few overlaps resulting in some people having to make a little extra room on their mantelpieces.


    Looking ahead

    The final quarter of the year looks to be an exciting one with a whole bunch of interesting events and celeb visits coming up. Diwali of course means lots of great food, a chance to show off our festive wear, and taash parties. Wea��re also looking forward to a little spooky fun thanks to Halloween and our American friends. Shannon and Rohan Prabhakara��s Annual Halloween party already has us putting some serious thought into our costumes for this year. Ia��ll make sure to take lots of pictures!

    Stand-up partyA�

    I take this as a positive sign that we are finally learning the ability to laugh at ourselves. What started off with Internationally acclaimed comics paying us visits, and us lining up for tickets, (need IA�remind you of the mad rush thatA�accompanied Russell Petera��s arrival) has lead to several home grown desi funny men and women. Chennaia��s very ownA�EvamA�Stand-UpA�TamashaA�have proven that our humble point of view can be just as funny as any other.


    Runway action

    Models at RITZ Awards - 2014

    Without a doubt, fashion shows have been the most popular thing wea��ve seen this past year. I think wea��ve had four in just the past couple of weeks alone. From the more obvious clothing or jewellery launches to even gadgets and food, the runway has never gotten this much attention. Wea��ve also seen them take place in a variety of locations, from mall escalators to moving boats on the Adyar river. There were also different versions of the Chennai Fashion Week, leading to more than a little confusion and debate, much to the entertainment of the fashion fraternity. A few of my favouritesA�from this yearA�include SidneyA�Sladena��s 10thAnniversary celebrations,A�FibinA�andA�Imaada��sA�Label launch and The Amethyst Garden Tea Party.


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