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    Sahil Shah is at Just for Laughs, and promises to bring the roof down

    Most actors find comedy the hardest genre to grasp, but for funny-man Sahil Shah, it is his natural state of being. His YouTube performances, as part of the East India Comedy channel, have racked up thousands of views and hea��s even performed at The Ghanta Awards 2015 in Dubai. Tonight, hea��ll be headlining as the lord of bad puns at Evam Standup Tamashaa��s Just For Laughs comedy special.
    The 24-year-old Mumbaikar has done more than 500 performances over the last four years and has travelled around the country and abroad to share his silly, observational and a�?out-therea�? brand of humour. But that doesna��t mean ita��s the same jokes every time. In fact, Shah insists no two performances of his are the same. a�?We love tamasha, the British love dry humour and Americans like quick wit. Ita��s my job to read the audience and tailor performances as necessary,a�? he explains, recalling how, when in an opening act in Delhi a few years ago (where he picked on people sitting in the front row) got him an a�?aggressivea�� response, he had to do some quick fire-fighting.
    And though he says Chennai is a�?conservative-ish,a�? Shah hopes to open up the people to more a�?foreign humoura�?a��where talking about religion, politics and sex isna��t a taboo. a�?Theya��re not vulgar topics, theya��re your attitudes towards life that shouldna��t be swept under the table. We need to be more open because the more we laugh at ourselves, the more forward and social wea��ll be.a�?A�A� A�Tonight, from 8 pm , at the High Bar at The Raintree, Anna Salai. Rs 750. Details: 9884429593
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