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    Blue & Lonesome, Rolling Stones
    Rookie pop fans ought to know, this is the Mick Jagger whose moves Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera have been harping on about. Unfortunately, that isn’t where the didactics end. One might say, for the first time, the Stones are actually trying to teach something to their listeners, and leave behind a legacy — nevermind the raffish, freewheeling decades in between. This is the Stones you need to know, rocking tunes from their oldest song books. Raw, lovesick, devilishly bad — this is where you realise, the words don’t matter; when Keith and Ronnie sink into their strats, Charlie breaks out the beats, and Jagger goes, “C’mon!”, it’s all about that aching, full-blooded, pounding feel. Universal Music, Rs 395

    Day BreaksNorah Jones
    Norah Jones may someday make a well-aged bottle of wine go purple with envy, just for the delicate grace and effortless
    sophistry she wields over the most sinless and innocuous of emotions. Tracks like Once I had a laugh and And then there was you will have warm tears rolling down your cheeks, if not leave you cuddled up like an infant on a stormy morning. It’s inexplicable, how she can be all so cryptic, mystical, warm-toned and emotionally charged — yet, blithesome and playful at the same time, leaving you jiving with the drapes, in a perfect state of rapture. All you can do is play Norah on loop, and wait for the seasons to change. Universal Music, Rs 295

    — Jaideep Sen


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