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    If you were a luxury lifestyle tabloid, would you even think of publishing a weekly column on names? Especially, when you have other weighty choices like carrying eruditely written tattle on who is sleeping around with whom in the higher circles of excitement-starved Chennai!

    Indulge from The New Indian Express, didna��t even hesitate for a moment, in deciding to run with Nama Sutra. On behalf of millions of my imaginative and imaginary readers, Ia��d like to thank the lovely folks at Indulge for indulging us. To commemorate the sixth anniversary of their Chennai edition, we shall raise a toast to six sparkling names birthed by the city in the last one year or so. In times like these, ita��s best to sit back and enjoy the ingenuity of the immaculately engineered names.a�?Sumar Moonji Kumara�� is our first awardee. Vijay Sethupathi played that character in the just-released Tamil comedy Idharkuthaane Aasaipattai Balakumara. Sumar Moonji aka a�?Average lookera�� is not your usual lead character name. Ita��s quirky, in-your-face, very anti-hero and surprise, surprise, it creates instant viewer empathy for Vijay Sethupathi. To transplant a side-kick appellation to your trump card, requires audacity. And that chutzpah made us flip for it.

    a�?Kaapi Cheenua�� is another underdog we love. A home-grown play on a�?Capuccinoa��, the teensy little filter coffee kadai in Alwarpet also cleverly embeds the nickname of its founder Manu Srinivas.

    a�?Fishwaroopama�� is perhaps the best named pizza doing the rounds. Spawned during the Vishwaroopam controversy, the fish-laced pizza is a product of the much-adored Pizza Republic, who to their credit have been consistently putting out tongue-in-cheek names including Vegabond, Mushmellow and Prawnography.

    For giving wings to a raunchy Madras slang word, the drink a�?Jalabulajungsa�� at Zha Cafe gets my vote. It pushes the spiciness quotient up by a notch or two.a�?Acoustic Rascalsa�� is the one local band name that caught our fancy. Ita��s irreverent, intriguing and fits into the a�?rascalaa�� stereotype that many Northies carry in their head about Southies.
    Among start-ups, 85 AD is the one that gets our golden spoon. Simply because it offers the scope to tell a story that the company is a collective of 85 architects and designers. Thata��s it, guys. Time you cheered Indulge and the Super Six.

    – Anantha Narayan


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