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Christian Galvez on his gig, the Chilean jazz scene and more

Christian Galvez, bassist, producer and composer from Chile, is in Bengaluru this week. He is an expert in Latin and fusion jazz, and is renowned for his great technical skill and virtuosity in different branches. Galvez will not only be performing, but will also be hosting a masterclass. Read on to know more.

Tell us about the masterclass?
I would like to study and to debate some important musical topics like harmony, performing, and also the philosophy and ideology that I believe a musician has to have behind every note he plays. A note can only be a note but behind it, sometimes, you could possibly find a whole life.

One piece of advice to a newcomer to jazz?
Enjoy the music with purity, without preconceived notions and with humility. Us jazz musicians often leave our soul on stage. We take risks, not only musically speaking. Even if we rehearse and study, there is always room for improvisation. What I would like to find is an audience willing to create with us a powerful moment, full of colours and emotions.

What will you be playing at the gig?
We will go through music belonging to many periods and composers I admire. There’s some Brazilian jazz influences in there as well as Jazz standards. It will be very interesting because this is music that I know very well and that I’ve been playing since I was a child.

What is the Chilean Jazz circuit like?
The Jazz scene in Chile has always been very prolific. Since the times the jazz club of Santiago opened in the late 50s, musicians played ragtime, New Orleans jazz, and Dixieland jazz. Today, we find many good young talents playing all jazz styles and older artistes who help keep traditional jazz alive.

September 14. 4 pm. At blueFrog, Church Street. Tickets (`500) on

— Anagha M


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