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    Just signed up to be a part of a 10K run in support of breast cancer awareness. I hate running. But despite the fact that I live in a country where women dona��t really have too much to love, I really love being a woman more than I hate running. Funny how we call this country Ma Bharat, yet some people forget they have mothers, sisters or wives when they say/do/allow certain things. I know you cana��t ignore all the bad things happening to a�?our kinda�?, but we can focus on some of the women that are doing something in the world of international music.

    Do you realize how powerful you are? The very body that is abused by terrorists/rapists/gropers is also the same body that helped Shakira and Rihanna garner 2 million views on YouTube in a matter of minutes for their music video Cana��t Remember to Forget You.
    Indian current affairs do not reflect the power of international music. The biggest news makers, hit makers, money makers are women.

    Take Taylor Swift for instance, she is only 24, but shea��s dated and dumped six people the past few years and hasna��t let the failed relationships get her down. Rihanna got punched by Chris Brown but punched back by releasing musical hit after hit. And Katy Perry isna��t letting her divorce from bad boy Russel Brand get her down. In fact, shea��s a�?roaringa�� around town with top songs and another notorious bachelor, John Mayer. Lady Gaga, Lorde and Miley Cyrus are busy being different albeit Cyrus takes it to a different level.

    All are feisty and fierce in their own right, not letting physical appearances stop them. Then take Beyonce, who made being a mother and wife sexy. And apart from being a top actor in India, Priyanka Chopra, is right up there singing songs with popular Mr Worldwide when shea��s not busy being the face of Guess, collecting awards and taking Bollywood by storm.

    I know the names I mentioned sometimes make news for all the wrong reasons. But do you really want to judge them? Just be happy that theya��re not letting their situations get the better of them.There is something to learn from all these ladies with so much power. So deal with it!

    Shagufta Ahmed (shagufta.ahmed@indigo919.in)

    Shagufta is an RJ andA�creative executive at Radio Indigo


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