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Tishani-Doshi-1‘’My favourite holiday destination is Thailand, as it has the right mix of beaches, shopping and great food. I always carry a pair of sparkly wedges and a tan Michael Kors bag that will go with all outfits.’’Rochelle Rao, model

“My favourite destination is Japan — a beautiful place, with friendly people. I got lost twice and people were very helpful. I love their chicken curry with rice” –Sharad Haksar, photographer

“Though I am a complete Madras girl, my favourite city in the country would be Bombay. It is super textured and layered, offering different experiences. Yet very contained and intense”- Tishani Doshi, dancer

“I love New York for the art, food and shopping. The city never sleeps, it’s full of life and I can never get tired of walking from one end to the other” –Shalini Biswajit, gallery owner

“If you can drive in India, you can drive abroad. Your Indian licence is good for you to drive a hired car for six months. Ask the car karthikhire company to fit you with a GPS and a toll pass” –Vipin Sachdev, restaurateur

“My favourite holiday destination is the Barefoot resort on Havelock in the Andaman Islands.  I am leaving today to Andalucia, to buy myself a new Spanish horse” –Jacqueline Kapur, Hidesign

‘’I write my stories when I am on long flights. I board the flight, buckle up, open my laptop and start writing. All my movies have come out of extensive travelling’’- Gautham Vasudev Menon, director

‘’I have travelled a lot because of work and my favourite place would be Morocco. I like hitting the beaches and when I do, I make sure I carry my T-shirts, shorts and lots of sunscreen’’- Jiiva,  actor

‘’If you are ever in Scotland, there’s a six-mile walk between the River Almond and the Fourth River Bridge in Edinburgh. Don’t miss it for the world’’ –Bruce Lee Mani, musician

Vipin-Sachdev‘’When in London, I walk around, maybe grab a coffee or read a nice book. When I am on a long flight, I try to catch up on sleep or I write or sketch’’ –Tanvi Shah, singer

‘’My life is all about travelling. I generally hit either forests or beaches. I especially frequent the Kabini forests. I am a very outdoor person and the city does not cut it for m’’- Tuhin Mehta, DJ


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