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Tishani-Doshi-1‘’My favourite holiday destination is Thailand, as it has the right mix of beaches, shopping and great food. I always carry a pair of sparkly wedges and a tan Michael Kors bag that will go with all outfits.’’ -Rochelle Rao, model

“My favourite destination is Japan — a beautiful place, with friendly people. I got lost twice and people were very helpful. I love their chicken curry with rice” -Sharad Haksar, photographer

“Though I am a complete Madras girl, my favourite city in the country would be Bombay. It is super textured and layered, offering different experiences. Yet very contained and intense”- Tishani Doshi, dancer

“I love New York for the art, food and shopping. The city never sleeps, it’s full of life and I can never get tired of walking from one end to the other” -Shalini Biswajit, gallery owner

“If you can drive in India, you can drive abroad. Your Indian licence is good for you to drive a hired car for six months. Ask the car karthikhire company to fit you with a GPS and a toll pass” -Vipin Sachdev, restaurateur

“My favourite holiday destination is the Barefoot resort on Havelock in the Andaman Islands.  I am leaving today to Andalucia, to buy myself a new Spanish horse” -Jacqueline Kapur, Hidesign

‘’I write my stories when I am on long flights. I board the flight, buckle up, open my laptop and start writing. All my movies have come out of extensive travelling’’- Gautham Vasudev Menon, director

‘’I have travelled a lot because of work and my favourite place would be Morocco. I like hitting the beaches and when I do, I make sure I carry my T-shirts, shorts and lots of sunscreen’’- Jiiva,  actor

‘’If you are ever in Scotland, there’s a six-mile walk between the River Almond and the Fourth River Bridge in Edinburgh. Don’t miss it for the world’’ -Bruce Lee Mani, musician

Vipin-Sachdev‘’When in London, I walk around, maybe grab a coffee or read a nice book. When I am on a long flight, I try to catch up on sleep or I write or sketch’’ -Tanvi Shah, singer

‘’My life is all about travelling. I generally hit either forests or beaches. I especially frequent the Kabini forests. I am a very outdoor person and the city does not cut it for m’’- Tuhin Mehta, DJ


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