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    Good Eartha��s latest collection draws inspiration from designs and crafts that celebrate the Silk Route

    With silk velvet ikat cushions hand woven by master craftsmen in Uzbekistan, lamps and lanterns inspired by Middle Eastern souks, and fragrant candles and frankincense from Dhofar, Good Earth is all set to bring the heritage of Central Asia to your home. Their annual collection, Samarqand, comes just in time for the festive season and is likely to be as popular as their Ratnakara line last year. The line is the result of a research trip by a team of 40 to Central Asia. a�?That journey left an indelible mark on each one of us and we were really inspired by the diverse and fascinating crafts and designs found in the lands that lay along the Silk Route,a�? says Beenu Bawa, director, Good Earth.

    Nature love
    GOOD-11660The collection includes ceramic crockery, velvet and chenille bed cushions, handmade metal vessels and platters, kurtis, stoles and crystal vases featuring Central Asian motifs like the pomegranate, blossom trees and roses. a�?These elements of nature have been juxtaposed with the geometrics and architectural elements of the region,a�? informs Bawa. The cushions featuring vintage embroidered suzanis narrate interesting stories. a�?Suzani is an embroidered, decorative tribal textile of Central Asia. They were traditionally made by brides, as a part of their dowry, and hung over the marital bed, as a quiet statement of identity. For hundreds of years, Uzbek women created exquisitely embroidered suzani to tell the story of their lives, from birth to marriage,a�? continues Bawa.

    Cocoon craft
    DSC_5439Ask Bawa about a product that takes pride of place and she shares, a�?Our Makhmal Abrbandi silk velvet cushions are special because we went to the best ikat workshops and learned the whole process a�� from the silkworm cocoons becoming silk thread, to the dying of the threads to weaving the patterns.a�? A fan of the graphic nature of ikat prints, she now admits to a�?a whole new appreciation for the art of ikat in general and especially the richness of Uzbek silk velvet.a�? The collection a�� named after the historic city of Samarqand in Uzbekistan (in the heart of Silk Route), now a UNESCO heritage site a�� is available at all the Good Earth stores now and will be online soon. Priced from Rs.2,000. Details: 43087878


    Festive watch
    ? Minaret lanterns in jewel tones, great A�to cluster in a corner of your home
    ? Hand engraved thaals in many sizes, to serve dry fruit, mithai or showcase flowers
    ? The new Istanbul scented candle, brings home the essence of Silk Route. The fragrance, coupled with the light of a dancing flame, will make any space feel exotic. I have one in my office


    a�� Sharmistha Maji


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