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    Heralding the new year with special programmes, Jagriti theatre mixes things up for the jaded culture vulture. Dedicated to stand-up comedy and musicality, this season also has a multinational line up of plays. The latter part of the year will showcase national and international productions, as part of the Curtain Raiser programme, which celebrates drama making its city debut. This year will include Shakespearea��s The Comedy of Errors by the UKa��s The HandleBards.
    Curating the arts
    a�?Jagriti has always showcased dance, music and comedy,a�? says programming executive Rakhi Bose, a�?Yet the past four years have been a process of trial and error. Now we have a structured platform: Musical Twist for music and dance and Jollies at Jagriti for stand-up, improv and sketch comedy.a�? Musical Twist evenings will take place every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the year, while Jollies at Jagriti on Wednesdays. The weekends will be reserved for plays.
    In the pipeline
    The first a�?jollya��, on January 7, sees comedienne duo Richa Kapoor and Sumukhi Suresh in the house, for a sketch show based on their everyday lives. a�?Comedy is a medium to communicate, vent, romance and bicker. Jagriti will make it popular, giving our shows more scope to reach out,a�? says Suresh. You can also expect sets by Biswa Kalyan Rath, Punchtantraa, Praveen Kumar and Kenny Sebastian later in the year. On the musical side, singer Jyotiprakash Atre kicks things off on January 6, with an evening dedicated to singer Kishore Kumar.
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