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    Much-awaited Dunkina�� Donuts brings its varied product line to the city, with COO Dev Amritesh insisting they are not just about the confectionery

    At the mention of a�?Krispy Kremea�� and a�?competitiona�� in the same sentence, Dev Amritesh nearly takes offence. a�?No other brand is our direct competition,a�? says the COO of American chain Dunkina�� Donuts, that is set to launch at Phoenix MarketCity tomorrow. a�?Less than a third of our sales is from doughnuts,a�? he clarifies, adding that the branda��s other products like burgers, wraps, sandwiches and coffees, share equal demand. Dunkina�� Donuts addresses the need for an evolved QSR (quick-service restaurant), with some products that are complex and some that are even a�?flaweda�? to make things interesting. a�?Like a�?Ita��s a mistakea��, our chilli guava-flavoured doughnut thata��s a big hit in the South,a�? he cites an example.
    Needless to say, the 1,622 sq ft, 57-seater outlet (receiving supplies from the Bengaluru commissary), will feature the same menu that the other 50 plus stores in the country offer (only chicken and lamb options for non vegetarians). And while international offerings like the DD Smart menu are not likely to catch on anytime soon (they have salads and a�?select productsa�� for fitness enthusiasts, says Amritesh), the DD Card gets a convenient twist in India. a�?Your mobile number is registered and you get points on every purchase, that you can redeem for discounts,a�? he says, shrugging that ita��s much easier than carrying a card around.darkroast 056
    Chennai being their third city of operations in the South (after Bengaluru and, since last month, Hyderabad), we are bound to see at least two more DD stores spring up in six months. And while our guess is as good as yours about whether theya��re looking at a more central location (no offence, Velachery), one thing is for sure a�� they are not joining the kiosk bandwagon. a�?Because we are not just about doughnuts,a�? Amritesh insists yet again. Pray why then, are they giving away coupon booklets that only get you a free doughnut a day, for the rest of the year?!
    Doughnuts from Rs 57 plus tax onwards. Details: 30083412

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