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    Burger King opens its outlet in the city, the first in South India

    Seven months after it launched in Delhi and Mumbai, the American fast food hamburger chain opened its first outlet in Bangalore last week. While there will actually be no hamburgers, there is more than just a chicken option, which other similar chains offer. Burger Kinga��s other iconic burger size, the whopper gets a flame grilled mutton patty instead of its foreign beefy counterpart. The mutton patty in the whopper was beaten down to form a flatter shape and was mildly spiced with the meatiness coming through. What we noticed was unlike the stale burger buns you usually get at fast food joints, the ones at Burger King were fresh topped with sesame and a version we tried was corn dusted and contained flame grilled tandoori chicken kebabs served with spicy mint chutney and onion rings.
    The chain is also perhaps the first in the country to offer burgers in a regular, medium and king sizes. Accompanying our burgers were little boxes called cravers which contained chicken nuggets sexed up with cheese and plenty of chillies. But what is worth trekking all the way to Phoenix MarketCity is Burger Kinga��s cheesy chicken fries: a bed of fries tossed up with a thick gooey cheesy sauce and topped with good old desi style spicy kheema. A plain cheesy flavour and an Italian one topped with olives is also available. We couldna��t stop eating the fries and felt this would be a perfect snack to sneak in to a theatre while watching the latest big screen release.
    The mango and chocolate milkshakes we tried were too sweet but we loved a fizzy drink called the pink limon, an Indian version of a lemonade flavoured with masala that will remind you of a street side. The 180 degrees upside down dessert available in Oreo or Cadbury Gems versions, so called because these cookies or gems are mixed with a thick vanilla soft serve and served upside down in a paper cup, is gimmicky at best but might work well with kids.
    Setting apart Burger King, CEO, Rajeev Varman, says the menu contains no added MSG, the nutritional information for every dish is on the menu and the website, and all ingredients are sourced locally with the strictest quality control.
    Meal for two Rs.300.
    At Whitefield.
    Details: bk.com
    a�� Amrita Bose


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