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    A Texan-based chain launches its first food festival and meat lovers should be pleased

    Chilia��s is not exactly known for haute cuisine but a place with generous American-sized, juicy burgers, baby back ribs, bowls of chilli,A� platters of nachos, Fajitas with piquant fillings, steaks and a lot more. Plus, very good margaritas.

    Sitting in their pleasing al fresco space, we started with the Tripple Dipper- Crunchy, crispy batter-fried chicken, spicy chicken wings and egg rolls, served with some very tasty dipping sauces. The pork lovers were relieved to find baby back ribs on the menu, and visibly pleased with their fork tender portions that literally fell off the bone. Another good bet is the Atlantic salmon. Lightly seared and then glazed with a mild orange habanero sauce, it packs less calories than say the bacon burger which is quite a whopper.

    Although delicious and meant for the true burger fan, it comes with a nice medium patty, a slice of bacon, cheddar and onions. We suggest you try at least a small serving of their signature Terlingua Chili which can turn into a meal in itself if yo go in for a bowl not a cup. The chunks of meat, onions, spices and beans are simmered down to a happy mix of flavours and textures reminding you of cowboy movies and Mexican cantinas.

    And before you go into a food coma, try a helping of molten chocolate cake or Paradise Pie. The latter features a warm chocolate filling sandwiched between two layers of cookie dough, topped with a tennis ball of vanilla ice cream.

    A�Rs. 1,500. 15 per cent discount on select items during the festival. At Orion Mall, Rajajinagar. Details: 22682125

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