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    When Louis Roederer brought its a�?champagne with the overpowering reputationa�� to town, at an exclusive dinner at Prego

    BACK in February, a well-curated prestige cuvee dinner at the Leela Palace saw a symphony of over eight high-profile Champagnes. Paired with culinary experiments like cardamom salmon or seared scallops and green mango, there was the Bollinger Grand AnnA�e 2002, the Drappier Grande SendrA�e 1999, and the shiny Armand de Brignac. But what was memorable, also thanks to the story and food that accompanied it, was the Louis Roederer Cristal 2004. Our host for the evening, Rajiv Singhal, Champagne ambassador, took his audience through the history of how Cristal was crafted at the behest of Tsar Alexander II of Russia. The clear bottle and flat bottom had a purpose a�� the paranoid monarch wanted to see that it was not poisoned. And the flat bottom ensured nothing lethal could be hidden inside the a�?punta��. There is yet another story about how music mogul Jay-Z endorsed the product and sold it in his nightclubs. But then a scandal in 2006A� resulted in him boycotting the bubbly. All said and done, Cristal continues to remain one of the most expensive and sought after champagnes in the world. It is delicious, with structured texture and length. And this is why, when Taj Coromandel decided to host the citya��s first Cristal dinner by Champagne Louis Roederer at Prego, there was barely-contained excitement.

    clr_rose_2008_bottleandbox_The dinner, led by Thierry Wallaert, Louis Roederera��s Export Area Manager, last evening, had a discreet guest list and gems like sugar beet carpaccio, Milanese risotto, braised lamb rack with Pommery mash and mango tiramisu. Wallaert, on his first visit to the country, was up for experimentation. Louis Roederer (one of the last-remaining Champagne houses that is still family-owned) is very unique, but Cristal, the rockstar everyone seemed in awe of, needed no introduction. What came as a pleasant surprise to the gathering was Louis Roederera��s golden Brut Premier, a blend of four vintages. And the Louis Roederer Rose Vintage 2008. The last, a personal favourite and Wallaerta��s as well, is a special vintage and perfect for our unending summer. In fact, he shared how he could imagine drinking it right through his week-long trip. Louis Roederera��s quiet popularity among connoisseurs is thanks to less flash, more substance, he insists, concluding, a�?a�?We focus on the wines and the vineyards more than on marketing.a��a��

    Cristal is served at The Leela Brunch (at Rs. 50,000++ for two) and is retailed at Rs. 72,000++A� at the bar. At Taj Coromandel, Cristal is about Rs. 40,000 and LR Brut Premier is about Rs. 6,000 a bottle. The sweetest deal? The latter at Rs. 1,000 by the glass. The Sunday brunch at Anise next month, will feature it as well. Details: 66002834

    a�� Rosella Stephen


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