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    Is CORPORATE radio the alternative to FM? We may not know the answer to that one but RJ Supriya Jambunathan enjoys speaking to a captive audience in office spaces, in malls and stores for which her station customises content. She has been in the radio industry for the past nine years and she says that Timbre media, her company, gives her the chance, a�?to think of peoplea��s likes and dislikes and customise and package content for them.a�?
    Her transition from satellite to corporate radio was quite seamless and she says, a�?The idea of carefully putting together content for a great listening experience remains the same as also keeping in mind the a�?wherea�� and a�?whena�� of listening. I definitely think customised content is the way forward, not just in music consumption, but across practically everything!a�?
    Ask her about her audience and she quips, a�?Ita��s exciting to be part of everyonea��s daily working day.a�?
    She has indeed come a long way from her show on WorldSpace. She recalls, a�?It was called Chaipani and it was very upbeat and filmy! What however remains are memories of people who reached out in their difficult times. Receiving mails from the Indian Army was always special. I will always remember a listener who wrote at a time when there was political turmoil in the country she lived in. She would update me everyday with details of the destruction, pain and suffering. It gave my life and my role of an RJ, a whole new meaning to know that she was thinking of me when everything around her was falling apart.a�?
    As for FM, she says, a�?FM can be entertaining and good and bad content is highly subjective so what works for me, might not for someone else! But clearly, FM has something for everyone, given its popularity.a�?
    And the one thing radio has taught her? She says, a�?It has taught me that all it takes is an honest, heartfelt and genuine voice to touch people and leave a lasting impression. Nothing like a voice that sounds like it belongs to a friend! Ia��m grateful that I get an opportunity every single day to be that voice.a�?


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