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Lesle Lewis’ new experiments include the soundtrack for a web series and a solo album.

Lesle Lewis loves change. Best known for his classical fusion sound as part of the two-member band, Colonial Cousins (with Hariharan), the singer is now busy composing a soundtrack for FremantleMedia’s new web series, Confessions. In fact the band’s popular Krishna song was recently in the spotlight when actor Salman Khan shared a video of Lewis crooning the song on the 20th birthday of the singer’s daughter. In Confessions, Lewis has gone the high-energy mode, with an upbeat rock soundtrack sung by Anushka Manchanda. “Much like the plot of the series, which is about three girls whose lives take a complete spin in a new city, the track too has a similar vibe, which ‘spins’ in the middle with a guitar riff,” says Lewis, 55, who adds that he took a day to complete the song. “Episodes of digital shows are shorter, so it takes effort to compose a track that will create an impact right from the start.”
With hits like Yaaron Dosti and Pari Hoon Mai, Lewis is often credited for introducing indie-pop in the country. Popular with debut projects, “Be it the inaugural season of Indian Idol or last year’s Beauty and the Beast by Disney, all new ideas or first time projects tend to end up in my lap,” he laughs. That said, the singer admits that his focus now is to compose for “Lesle Lewis, the singer”, featuring sounds that are different from what he has created so far.

— Karan Pillai


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