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    Signature bowls take Mamagotoa��s new menu up a notch A�

    Known for their tweaks and twists to familiar dishes, Mamagotoa��s new seasonal menu extends itself to creative cocktail shakers, warming soups and one-dish meals that hit the spot nicely on chilly evenings.
    1601page9anchor4Since their portions are generous, it may be a good idea to skip the appetisers and simply dive into the bowls. We started off with a veggie affair. Long green beans, cooked to tender crunchiness with a dash of red chilli and yellow bean paste. Then the bowls arrived. We sampled glass noodles in a spicy broth loaded with sliced veggies, chicken and some pan fried momos and crackers on the side which were tasty, although a bit heavy on the sauces.
    Skewered pork belly with a dipping barbecue sauce went perfectly with a serving of sticky rice topped with a double fried egg and stir-fried Chinese veggies.
    As did the more intense Shinjuku Miso with the unmistakable flavour of Japanese Miso and deliciously nutty soba (buckwheat) noodles with silken tofu, seaweed and a choice of veg or prawn tempura to add that bit of crunch. We thought the cocktail shakers were a fun addition to the menua��reasonably priced at `799 for four, and a choice of Red Currant Whiskey Sour, Dark Rum Winter Mojito and Green Apple Vodka Shaker. All the shakers come with fresh fruit garnishes and shot glasses for your table to enjoy in flavours ranging from fruity to sour and slightly sweet.

    Meal for two `1,800
    approximately, with drinks. At 12th Main, Indiranagar.
    Details: 49652781
    a�� Jackie Pinto


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