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    Men dance in high-heelslip-sync is off charts and the Diabolo turns good

    Dancing divas
    Yanis Marshall, a French choreographer and dancer, likes to teach dance with an added twist. When he takes on men for his lessons, he has a simple requirement – they must wear heels! Although his latest choreography of Beyonce’s Blow is phenomenal, his Spice Girl mashup one is most brilliant. In the video (yanismarshall.com), he takes his students on a street dance trip, wearing high heels, and performs in front of famous Paris landmarks. And we tip our hats to the men who perform with panache in high-heels!

    Fallon hero
    Actor-comedian Paul Rudd has dethroned Jimmy Fallon. A guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Rudd was challenged by Fallon to a lip-sync battle. Each picked well-known songs and the results will have you in splits. Rudd takes on Tina Turner’s You Better Be Good to Me as Fallon belts out a heavy-metal rendition of Jukebox Hero by Foreigner. Rudd then kills all competition with Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now. He even throws in a butt smack to the line “That’s why they call me mister Fahrenheit.”

    Wild things
    Anna Breytenbach, an animal communicator, apparently sends messages to animals through pictures and thoughts and then receives messages ‘of remarkable clarity back’. This video (animalspirit.org) sees her soothe and calm a snarling panther named Diabolo (meaning Devil). Through her ‘talks’ the fierce cat turns relaxed and quiet. She relays the messages to other caretakers and they all corroborate the past of the panther which Breytenbach was earlier unaware of.

    A run through of what is trending in Cyberspace

    — Aakanksha Devi


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