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    Men dance in high-heelslip-sync is off charts and the Diabolo turns good

    Dancing divas
    Yanis Marshall, a French choreographer and dancer, likes to teach dance with an added twist. When he takes on men for his lessons, he has a simple requirement a�� they must wear heels! Although his latest choreography of Beyoncea��s Blow is phenomenal, his Spice Girl mashup one is most brilliant. In the video (yanismarshall.com), he takes his students on a street dance trip, wearing high heels, and performs in front of famous Paris landmarks. And we tip our hats to the men who perform with panache in high-heels!

    Fallon hero
    Actor-comedian Paul Rudd has dethroned Jimmy Fallon. A guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Rudd was challenged by Fallon to a lip-sync battle. Each picked well-known songs and the results will have you in splits. Rudd takes on Tina Turnera��s You Better Be Good to Me as Fallon belts out a heavy-metal rendition of Jukebox Hero by Foreigner. Rudd then kills all competition with Queena��s Dona��t Stop Me Now. He even throws in a butt smack to the line a�?Thata��s why they call me mister Fahrenheit.a�?

    Wild things
    Anna Breytenbach, an animal communicator, apparently sends messages to animals through pictures and thoughts and then receives messages a�?of remarkable clarity backa��. This video (animalspirit.org) sees her soothe and calm a snarling panther named Diabolo (meaning Devil). Through her a�?talksa�� the fierce cat turns relaxed and quiet. She relays the messages to other caretakers and they all corroborate the past of the panther which Breytenbach was earlier unaware of.

    A run through of what is trending in Cyberspace

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