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Sensy Home turns your smartphone into a television remote

Just speak into your phone a�� name the channel, show, genre or insist on channel surfing a�� and your TV shall follow the command! Going by the demo on Bengaluru-based Sensaraa��s site, it is a true story and seems a breeze. Their recently launched Sensy Home is a small, black box, and it works in sync with the companya��s Android app called Sensy via bluetooth. The setup communicates with your TV through infrared.
Its founder and ex-Googler Bharath Mohan tells us how to use the two, a�?Place the box anywhere in your house (within a range of four metres from TV). Once you have downloaded the app, it will automatically detect the box and pair with it. Now simply tell to your phone what you want to watch. Feed in keywords like you do on Google, such as IPL, MTV Awards, or AR Rahman and your TV will switch to the channel.a�? But how will the TV know if you want to watch a live IPL match, a highlight, or a news discussion around it? a�?A lot of interpretations and algorithmic calculations go behind every command. The TV changes to the most popular channel (similar to Google search). If ita��s IPL, you are taken to the Sony Six channel that shows these matches live,a�? he explains. But if you dona��t intend to watch a live match, you can look up their app where all the possible TV shows related to IPL on air will be listed.
While the app is free, the box is priced at `999. The system is compatible with all standard TV service providers, like Airtel Digital, Dish TV, Reliance Digital TV, Tata Sky and In Digital Hathway.

Details: sensyremote.com



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