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    Magical moments for a homeless man, ten seconds change a song, and Heineken gives away a ticket

    Moving time
    Rahat Hossain, a comedian in America, gave Eric, a homeless man, a lottery ticket and made him feel like hea��d won $1,000 last month. What moved Rahat was that Eric wanted to share it. So, with a few online Samaritans, Rahat raises over $40,000 and rents and furnishes a little home for Eric, while Eric surprises Rahat with news of a job. This video (Homeless Man Gets A Home) documents the first moments of Eric in his new home.

    Fun in ten seconds
    We love the Jason Derulo song Talk Dirty, but when Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs fame puts his unique spin on it, we like it more. He starts out singing in the original singera��s voice before doing 19 other renditions of it in the tone and style of other famous bands and singers. Some versions include an AC/DC hard rock one, a BeeGees-style falsetto, a soulful Hootie and The Blowfish one, as well as a pumpy Beach Boys rendition.

    Goal focus
    Heineken tempts the football crazy men of Barcelona with half a ticket to the UEFA Champions League final and asks them to run out on their girlfriends at a cafA� for the other half. Three men take up the challenge and are made to perform various tasks to finally get them the second half of the ticket. But first, they need to get past their better halves and finally get past legendary Spain, Sevilla and Real Madrid goal keeper, Paco Buyo.

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