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    Culinary trail
    April 23 | Frazer TownTTD7
    Take a walk through the
    lanes of Cantonment, and
    discover an eclectic mix of
    cultures, languages, and most importantly, some of the most delicious biryanis and other local delicacies. With five different types of fragrant, meat-laden rice dish synonymous with India, this one is sure to be a decadent affair. `1,299. At Mosque Road. 5 pm. Details: 9880565446



    Keep it upbeat
    April 24 | Church StreetTTD4
    When Chai Met Toast is a three-piece
    acoustic rock act with an indie aesthetic and a hint of folk and country. The band
    consists of Achyuth Jaigopal (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, looper boy, drums), Richy Sebastin (keyboard, piano, acoustic guitar, accordion), and Ashwin Gopakumar
    (frontman, vocalist, ukulele). Entry free. 8.30 pm. At blueFrog. Details: 69999549

    High on movement
    April 23-24 | Lal Bagh Road
    Sahaja a�� Theatre As A Life Process, is a
    physical theatre workshop conducted by Arka Mukhopadhyay. The learning programme takes the focus back to the body to get in touch with your creative selves, through A�techniques such as breath awareness, gentle rhythmic movement, touch, group dynamics and organic voice-work. For 18, and above. A�At Shoonya a�� Centre for Art and Somatic Practices. Details: 7760832226


    On the rocks
    April 24 | Bannerghatta
    Head to Kunti Betta a�� two rocky A�hills surrounded by sugarcane, paddy fields
    and coconut trees in the Pandavapura of Mandya District, which is 125 km away from the city. Follow the path taken by the Pandavas, see the sun rise from the top A�of the hills, spend time at the ancient lake, cross the paddy fields and leave all your
    limitationss behind. `999. 6 am. At Yelenahalli, Akshayanagar East. A�Details: 7795274528



    Muma��s the word

    April 28 | Vasant Nagar
    Alliance FranA�aise presents Me, Myself & Mum, a French film that revolves around Mrs Gallienne, an upper middle-class lady who has three children, one of whom (Guillaume) is gay. Through a series of painful experiences, Guillaume discovers his true identity and attempts to rid himself of her negative influence. Entry free. 7 pm. At Alliance FranA�aise. Details: 40808181



    Masks with the theatre concept

    Resistance to Nazism
    April 29 & 30, JC RoadA�Emila��s Enemies, a highly acclaimed play by Douglas Huff, is about the German underground movement that was against Adolf Hitler, which included many senior military officers. Emil was the code name given to Hitler by them. The play is a suspense thriller and sure to be an interesting one. At ADA Ranga Mandira. 7.30 pm . Tickets (`200) on A�bookmyshow.com




    The golden age
    April 27 -May 3 | Lavelle Road
    In Search Of The Divine is an exhibition of icons by Esme TTD8
    Nunes. An art teacher who has been painting for a long while now, her interest in iconography grew during her travels through Europe. She was inspired by Rosemarie Koczya�� an artist, teacher and a Holocaust survivor, to take up the art. Each icon is created through a time-bound process, with the surface patiently prepped by the artist before it is painted on and gilded. Painted on teak wood, that Nunes herself procured from vendors across the city, most works have subtle hints of gold-leaf. a�?I make my own colours, with a mix of pigments and egg yolk, which make my pieces stand out. I was always fascinated by the subjects themselves, right from the Biblical characters, to those from the Hindu scriptures,a�? explains the artist. `15,000 upwards. At Gallery Time and A�Space. April 27-May 3. 11 am. Details: 9632159937



    Go pro
    May 1 | Yeshwanthpur
    This baking camp for lia��l champs
    will see kids aged 5 to 12 try their hand at the craft. Let your kids become the familya��s dessert chef, as they learn to bake bread, and confectionary treats. The little chefs will be guided to experiment with different baking styles. Entry fee (`2,500). At Vivanta by Taj. Details: 8066900111


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