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We review the five tracks that are ruling the roost this week

1. Fancy
Iggy Azalea continues her chart
domination this week with Fancy that follows a strong drum bass beat with a generous sprinkling of hip hop. A song about living the good life, this one has a catchy chorus and highlights Iggya��s rapping skills.

2. Chandelier
A soft reggae beat accompanies Siaa��s strong vocals in this one that tells of a party-girl, her tryst with alcoholism, and how she rationalises her addiction. From the Australian artistea��s sixth studio album, 1000 Forms of Fear, this one was also written by her.

3. Magic
From Coldplaya��s latest album, Ghost Stories, comes this soulful tune with strong electronica influences and a soft retro vibe. A a�?muffled snarea�? and a�?dusty bass riffa�? lead to organ sounds and synth beats that accompany Chris Martina��s falsetto in the middle before it drifts back to the snares and riffs of its dreamy start.

4. Shower
Becky G, yet another Youtube-born sensation, goes old-school with this one that makes you want to kick off your shoes and get girly. An ensemble chorus sets the rhythm for this pop number that comes with catchy lyrics and a rattling bass line.

5. Sing
Ed Sheerana��s latest single, produced by the rather a�?happya�� Pharell, takes him right out of his comfort zone and we love it. A strong pop influence and foot-thumping vibe is sure to keep you hooked for a replay.

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a��Susanna Chandy


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