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A new food channel on YouTube showcases recipes by Mumbai-based food blogger Tarika Singh and chef Shantanu Gupte

Today's-Special-With-ShantaIn an age when there is no dearth for recipes and food shows, Mumbai-based Rajshri Entertainment has created Get Curried, an online food channel currently hosting two shows. This is incidentally the fourth online food channel started by the group, and Kavya Krishnaswamy, general manager content, says that it is the treatment of the shows that will make the month-old Get Curried stand out. a�?While most of the other online food shows focus on the recipe, we make it more about infotainment,a�? she says. The shows, My Recipe Book by food blogger Tarika Singh and Todaya��s Special With Shantanu (chef Shantanu Gupte), both deal in international cuisine, only a�?the recipes they showcase, are all doable at home.a�?

The episodes, launched once a week, vary between seven and 11 minutes and the links are sent directly to your inbox, once the videos are live. While My Recipe Book sees Singh put a lot of emphasis on ingredients and a delicate style of cooking, chef Guptea��s episodes, that are shot outdoors, feature quick recipes and have a more rustic feel to them. a�?Going forward, we are looking at live cookouts, inviting viewers to the studio and taking our chefs to the streets for more interactive episodes,a�? saysA� Krishnaswamy, pointing out that their current focus (at least for the next three months) will be to increase their viewership, that is around 120-strong now. a�?We get a lot of requests from the viewers that we pass on to the chefs,a�? Krishnaswamy concludes.

Get Curried is available on YouTube and DailyMotion. Details: YouTube.com/GetCurried, DailyMotion.com/GetCurried

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