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    MelissaA�McCarthyA�on revisiting the 1989 hit, working with Chris Hemsworth and fun times on sets

    AMERICAN actress and comedian, MelissaA�McCarthy,A�will be seen in the reboot of Ghostbusters releasing next week.A�The 45-year-old actress, who isA�also starring in the comedy Life Of Party (scheduled for a 2018 release), was recently seen spending quality time with husband, filmmaker Ben Falcone, and their two daughters, in California. The newest outing of the supernatural comedy franchise centres around four women who start a ghost-catching enterprise. Here, the Gilmore Girls actor speaks about paranormal activities, her character in the movie and training for the film.

    How would you describe your character?
    My character is Abby, and I loved that she was a true believer. No matter what anybody said, she was like a�?Bup! I got it. I believe, I dona��t care what you thinka��. I just love that; I love being able to play a character thata��s so strong in her own shoes that she just doesna��t care what other people think.

    This is not the first collaboration with the director. How did this come about?
    I think I keep going back to Paul Feig for a very simple reason. Hea��s great at it. Hea��s happy and joyful, and full of crazy fun ideas. He thinks all your crazy bananas ideas are good.

    How was it working with Chris Hemsworth?
    Hea��s an unbelievable improviser. He is, for sure, one of the best. I would put him among the top five improvisers, and Ia��ve been with a lot of great people doing that. He was really exceptional at it. Just downright funny.

    Did you steal anything from the sets?
    Yes! But Ia��m not gonna tell you.
    Was there some kind of Ghostbusters bootcamp that you had to go through?
    I trained for that action stuff, Ia��ll tell you. Also listen to Leslie Jones scream on a wire. One of the greatest experiences of my life (laughs). Ita��s just a litany of threats and swearing, and ita��s fantastic. And wea��re just yelling a�?Higher! Take her higher!a�?

    What frightens you in real life?
    Ia��m afraid of rodents. I would just pack up and move. Instead of going a�?Ugh, Ia��ve got micea�?, Ia��ll be like, a�?So Ia��m leaving home.a�? But not bugs or snakes. If therea��s a bug in the house, I take care of it. Ben (Falcone) does not. He goes like, a�?Therea��s a bug in the living room!a�?

    Have you been involved in any
    paranormal situation?
    No, but I would welcome it. I still talk, like when people pass on. I always talk to my grandparents. Ia��m sure theya��re like, a�?Shut upa�� (laughs).
    Ghostbusters is slated to release next week

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