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Jalpah lets users talk and play games, in a private setting

Jalpah is the new chat app in town, and it seems to be addictive, charting up over 1,000 users in just a fortnight. Launched by Vaakhyam Technologies Private Limited, it lets users send messages, play games and solve mathematical problems too.
Explaining its USP, vice-president of the city-based company A Krishi says, a�?With Jalpah, you can create a mini world of users you want to chat with. In other apps, what usually happens is that whoever has your number or email address can contact you. But this works on an invitation-acceptance basis. You send invites to people you want to connect with, and if they accept, you can start chatting,a�? he says, emphasising privacy as prime.
While it is called a one-on-one app, Jalpah does more than just let you chat and play games. You can add photos, voice messages, doodles or any other attachments to your chats, Krishi tells us, explaining that they target students too as their games hone focus and skill. At the moment, it has Tic-Tac-Toe, Snakes and Ladders and Draughts (strategy games). A few more, such as Chess and Chinese Checkers, will be added in the coming months.
Speaking about students as targets, Krishi explains the mathematical problems on the app are for primary to higher-secondary students, including logarithms, exponents, simultaneous equations and more. a�?Students can challenge each other with these games. This will help them improve in difficult subjects and make it more fun. We plan to take this app to schools as well,a�? says Krishi.

Available on Android devices.
Details: jalpah.com
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