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The new Hero Splendor iSmart 110 is sophisticated, packed with features and completely built in-house.

Earlier this year came Hero MotoCorpa��s Centre for Innovation and Technology (CIT)a��an ultra-modern R&D facility that every other motorcycle manufacturer is secretly jealous of. The first effects of the facility and the talented group of engineers and designers that work there are now bearing fruit. The Hero Splendor iSmart 110 is the first totally in-house motorcycle to come out of CIT and ita��s just a prelude of things to come. Herea��s why this new Splendor is such a big deal.

While it is an all-new homegrown motorcycle from Hero MotoCorp, it is still instantly recognisable as a Splendor iSmart with its sleek curves and creases while keeping the overall stance similar to its 90cc sibling. There are also bright red coil springs for the rear suspension, a neat and edgy headlamp, smart alloy wheels and a chunky exhaust can.

There is a whole lot of useful equipment on the Splendor iSmart 110 catering to the environment it will be most used in. The digital-cum-analog instrumentation is futuristic and includes a side-stand warning lamp. The bike also has a neat automatic headlight system for when youa��re suddenly entering dark spaces.

This is a brand new product all the way from the chassis and engine to the suspension. The chassis itself has more optimised torsional rigidity and along with the suspension, is capable
of not just being a flickable machine in city traffic, but also
an able tool on rougher terrain.

Hero MotoCorpa��s new carburetted, 110cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine doing duty in the iSmart is more upright than before and is just as refined, if not more. Therea��s a meaty mid-range too that makes in-city use all the more effortless with its 9bhp and 9Nm output.

a��Muntaser Mirkar @BullSpeech


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