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For peace of mind or creative exchange, Bengaluru has a new boarding option

PRIMARILY a hostel for backpackers and travelling artistes, The Meditating Monkeys opened its doors to the city about two months ago. With a simple guiding mantra a�� to give weary travellers a quiet retreat a�� this residence is inspired by the Buddhist philosophy, which states that a human mind is like that of a monkey, always wandering. And the most effective way to tame the mind is to meditate, and find peace within. Spread across three floors, washed in light blue and white, and dotted with greenery, The Meditating Monkeys, which incidentally is also referred to as a�?A Curious Hotela�� has a calming effect as soon as you walk in.
One of its three co-founders, Vineeth Vincent, apart from Ananth Uthappa and Tabea Victoria, tells us, a�?a�?We are trying to promote an alternate a�?cleana�� lifestyle here. We dona��t allow non-vegetarian food including eggs, alcohol, cigarettes or drugs of any kind. And ita��s never noisy. The idea is to create a clean and positive place for travellers to come back to.a�? The team is, therefore, particular about the guests who check in. They scan your social media profiles, reviews on travel portals, and follow up with a short call. Ita��s all in the interest of a�?a�?the peace of the premisesa��a��.
Visited by guests from across the world a�� Finland, Germany, Brazil, Colombia, Holland, Russia a�� the space allows for guests to interact with each other and share ideas. Vincent, who is also a beatboxer, says, a�?a�?I wanted to create a co-living space where travellers, and their experiences, could come to me. Last year, I did a solo bike trip across India, and realised it was the people who made a place beautiful.a��a�� In July, he shared his idea with Uthappa, who joined in along with his wife, Victoria.

Rs 750 onwards (per day).
At Cooke Town, Bengaluru.
Details: 8861459156


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