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    Theatre veteran Michael Muthu loves a�?dark stuffa��, but with Four Rooms, hea��s offering an adaptation of a comic cult classic film

    Known for plays like Jesus Christ Super Star, Biloxi Blues and The Hairy Ape, Michael Muthu from Boardwalkers is back, with an adaptation ofA� the cult classic film, Four Rooms. While the original came out in 1995 and failed at the box office, director Muthu promises a wild and over-the-top comedy and justifies why he chose this script. a�?The movie was a breakthrough for independent filmmakers and was not a mainstream movie. It is a cult comedy and the script is perfect for an adaptation,a�? he says. The story is about a bellboy who is left to look after a hotel called The Mon Signor, all by himself, on New Yeara��s Eve. a�?As everyone else has left to celebrate, all responsibility is on Ted, the bellboy. The adventures of the evening begin with the arrival of a coven of witches who check into the honeymoon suite,a�? begins the director. While the original was written by Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, Muthu says the script for the stage is mostly untoucheda��except for some rewriting and shifting of scenes.
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    The play sees a good mix of experienced actors and fresh talent. The cast includes names like Sudhir Ahuja, Sarvesh Sridhar, Shaan Katari Libby, Tanaaz Zoroofchi,A� Freddy Koikaran, Ameera Da��Costa and Joel Nigli. Having practised from July, Muthu has also designed the sets of the play. a�?Since the entire set up is in a hotel, we have a reception and three rooms. We have tried to make each look different,a�? he says. As for the mood on the sets, Muthu says, a�?It was always fun. We had our fun times and there were moments of seriousness too.a�?
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    Muthu is a huge fan of all the genres, with a special liking for the a�?dark stuff.a�� a�?I like plays like Doubt by Patrick Shanley and Vijay Tendulkara��s Sakaram Binder. I also love Neil Simon, Woody Allen, Murray Schisgal and Steve Tescha��all of whom are masters in comedy,a�? he shares. And if there ever was a play that Muthu wishes he could have written, it would be Amadeus. a�?Ita��s easily the most brilliant play I have read to date. It always blows my minda��the dialogues, the characters, the plot, the structure, the rhythm, everything is flawless,a�? he justifies. And for upcoming writers, Muthu recommends the works of the Bard.
    At Museum Theatre, on Septe-mber 6 and 7, from 7.15 pm. Tickets from Rs.200 onwards. Details: indianstage.in

    MIKE8Behind the scenes
    Broadway select: We did an Indian adaptation of a French play that we called An Idiot for Dinner. It was a comedy with a lot of laughs and it worked like a charm. I would have liked to take that to Broadway
    Next adaptation: We are looking at Shakespeare in Love. It is slated for February 2015
    Inspiration: Amadeus, the story of the genius composer Mozart and his jealous rival, Saliere
    Last watch: Driving Miss Daisy, which was brought into town by the USIS. Thata��s closely followed by Mahatma vs Gandhi, which had veteran theatre actor Naseeruddin Shah performing as Gandhi


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