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    At Whooppeezz, the pizzas are tasty, and the mood is upbeat

    Eye-catching brick walls in white, a bright yellow door, and a signboard in an appealing red a�� Whooppeezz, the new pizza place in town sure knows how to attract customers. Located at Prestige Pinnacle, this quick service restaurant 1
    is as attractive on the inside a�� white, yellow, and red dominate the interiors, with rope pendant lights, and interesting quotes on the walls, add a quirky touch to the place. Therea��s a happy vibe to the place, one that makes you want to soak it in before getting started with the food.

    Leta��s begin
    An order for garlic bread with cheese was placed, just to get started. The dish appeared in a square, lightweight paper box, which can also be used for takeaway. Rather convenient, we must say. In fact, thata��s how they serve their food, be it the pizzas, pastas, crepes, or even desserts.
    The garlic bread was fresh and hot, but somehow it lacked the punch. We recommend going for the garlic bread with grilled shredded chicken, or nachos with cheese sauce and salsa, instead. Even the BBQ chicken wings are a better bet. But thata��s pretty much where our disappointment ended. Once the other dishes started coming in, we were convinced that Whooppeezz is not just another pretty place.

    Hot and delicious
    The veg crespelle and the pasta Arrabiata both are served piping hot, and have the lovely aroma of Parmesan cheese. The vegetables used for stuffing the crespelle are not only diced uniformly but also cooked right. The dish is spiced with red chilli flakes, and black pepper, and the sauce, albeit pink, is a good touch. The pasta Arrabiata is a simple preparation. Fresh tomato sauce, olive oil, garlic, chilli flakes, fresh basil and parsley all tossed in penne makes the dish tasty, and wholesome. And there was more Parmesan for us to enjoy.

    A good slice
    It was time for pizzas, and we ordered the potato magicano (made with fresh tomato sauce, rosemary potato, chilli flakes and sun-dried tomatoes), eggizza (topped with sliced boiled eggs, parsley, black olives and cocktail sauce) and veg explotica (loaded with fresh vegetables and home made BBQ sauce). And how can we forget the cheese. And the pizza bread is soft, but doesna��t get soggy.
    We finally moved to their signature pizza a�� the double-base whooppeezzo thata��s filled with delicious cheese and topped with tomato sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, jalapeA�os, capsicums, red paprika, cajun spiced paneer, tandoori paneer and basil leaves. In the non-vegetarian variant, expect chicken. You can choose between regular or thin crust pizzas.

    Sweet something
    One of the best selling dishes on the menu is the chocolate pizza topped with gems. Ita��s a fun dessert, and the melted chocolate goes really well with the crunch of the roasted base. Therea��s also a chocolate pizza with almond flakes in the dessert section, besides the tres leches cake, and their latest banoffee pie shots. Yes, ita��s quite easy to get a sugar rush here.
    And dona��t forget to ask for a game of Ludo or Snakes&Ladders while here; it adds so much more fun to the meal.

    Rs.500 (meal for two).
    At 7th Block, Koramangala. 11 am-11 pm. Details: 46559999
    a�� Barkha Kumari


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