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Find out what ita��s like to run a top Italian kitchen with Alto Vinoa��s cooking class

food8anchor1Ever wished you could switch to an exciting profession for a day? Those with a yen for cooking can now live their dream with Alto Vinoa��s a�?A day in a Chefa��s Life.a�� Walk a mile in celebrity chef Alfonso Montefuscoa��s shoes, right from picking up fresh ingredients to crafting an exquisite meal under his expert guidance. a�?Most people do not know what Italian food is exactly. In Italy, therea��s no such thing as white sauce or red sauce. So I thought it would be nice to educate people interested in Italian cuisine about what it really is,a�? shares Montefusco.

Serious business
Students will be given hands-on experience starting from the time they enter the premises. After donning their chef hats and aprons, they will be put through a security check, just like every other chef who works at the property. Then, at Alto Vino, Montefusco will brief them about the menu of the day, following which they will head to the pantry to pick up the ingredients. At the pantry, Montefusco will give you insidera��s tips on choosing the perfect ingredients for theA� meal, with detailed pointers that range from the exact level of ripeness of a fruit for fruit-based desserts to which brand of pasta is preferred for a particular dish.

a�?Italian food is all about the quality of the ingredients. Once you understand the taste and quality, ita��s very easy to recreate,a�? Montefusco explains. After carefully handpicking the ingredients, you get to cook side by side with the chef as he creates some exquisite Italian treats that include spinach and ricotta raviolo, risotto with porcini mushrooms, pan-seared seabass and tiramisu. a�?This is also an opportunity to enable people to witness the kind of work and quality control that goes into what we serve,a�? he concludes.

Rs. 999++ for adults, `500++ for kids. At Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield. Details: 49435000

-Rashmi Rajagopal