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    A champagne-strawberry dessert Ai??to spice up Valentineai??i??s Day

    chefChef Avijit Ghosh, corporate pastry chef, The Leela Palaces Hotels and Resorts, comes with two decades of experience in pastry making and thatai??i??s what gives him an edge over others. For Avijit, pastry making is more than just a profession. ai???As a child, I was more of an artist. I used to sketch, draw and use water colours. So when I grew up, I realised that pastry making gave me this freedom to use my creativity,ai??? says the chef who is one of the judges in the final round of the IIHM Young Chef Olympiad 2017. He gives us his Strawberry champagne parfait and raspberry rose petal marmalade recipe, especially for the Valentineai??i??s season.

    Strawberry Champagne Parfait/ Raspberry Rose Petal Marmalade

    Ingredients (for strawberry champagne parfait):
    Champagne 85gm,
    Strawberry puree 40gm,
    Sugar 160 gm,
    Water 50gm,
    Egg yolk 100 gm (2 eggs),
    Gelatin 10 gm,
    Whipped cream 500gm

    Ingredients (for raspberry rose petal marmalade):
    Raspberry puree 200 gm,
    Rose petal compote 170 gm,
    Sugar 105 gm,
    Pectin 5 gm

    Buy actos medication Method (strawberry champagne parfait):
    Cook sugar, egg and water at 118 deg C and prepare a bombe paste, melt gelatin by softening in water, incorporate into the champagne and then the bombe paste, finally incorporate the whipped cream

    Method (raspberry rose petal marmalade):
    Cook raspberry puree with sugar, add sugar and rose petal compote with pectin. Set as desired.

    Assembly: Set the parfait in the mould, fill centre with raspberry rose petal marmalade. Demould and finish with pink white chocolate glaze.

    ai??i?? Ayesha Tabassum


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