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    Guests at ITC Grand Chola

    Guests at Dublin

    Ita��s great how international events now have a place on the Chennai social calendar. From Thanksgiving to Cinco De Mayo, we joyfully take part in the celebrations alongside our expat buddies. This week we were introduced to World Whisky Day at The Cheroot Malt and Cigar Lounge at ITC Grand Chola, and invited to a�?pop by for a wee drama��. Whisky might not be my beverage of choice but Scottish dancing was part of the itinerary and I wasna��t about to miss that. On the menu were cocktails as well as fine single malts on the rocks, and as promised, we were given a demonstration of some fun Scottish country dancing.

    The bunch included well-known faces from Chennai whoa��ve apparently been enjoying this particular style for the past 20 years, having put together their own amateur group. Event manager Nalini Radhakrishnan, one of the guests, said ita��s all for the love of dance, besides being a great way to meet people.

    The partying continued thro-ugh the weekend (with a slight change of gear), as the Red Bull Music Academy presented DJ Benjamin Damage at Dublin. I was to learn that for those clued into a�?the scenea��, this Welsh techno producer didna��t need an introduction. I was also told that his brand of Tech House, and his four-city tour, was expected to draw a full house. As the evening wore on, it turned out to be true with Damage, along with Praveen Achary, whipping the crowd into a frenzy. The party went on till late with Red Bull promising to be back this weekend with DJ Eve Carey at the Park Hyatt.

    For those in the mood for loads of action, minus the dancing, there was the premiere of X-Men: Days of Future Past at Sathyam Cinemas. The audience comprised the usual mix, from the film fraternity, as well as the Page 3 regulars, all of whom were really excited about the film. Everyone was more interested in getting to their seats than posing for the pictures, engaging in the usual intense discussions that accompany any X Men movie. Safe to say, there were big fans in the house… celebrity status was thrown to the wind, with loads of hooting and cheering throughout.

    Paloma Rao (paloma@newindianexpress.com)



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