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    City’s first jazz festival has the likes of Louis Banks and Keith Peters

    This weekend will see the city’s music aficionados talking blues, ragtime and soul as they swing over to Phoenix Market City to catch our first Jazz festival.

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    The fest features big names—from Mumbai’s Louis Banks to our very own Maarten Visser and Keith Peters. “Chennai has always had a knowledgeable audience when it comes to music. It’s won’t be any different for jazz,” says Visser, a Hollander who has been living and performing in the city for nearly 15 years. “If you understand the improvisational aspects of Carnatic music, you’ll definitely like this concert,” chips in Louis, a Grammy-nominated jazz artist.

    Chasing the blues
    For those of you who are still figuring out the funk and fusion of jazz, one word—YouTube. “There are some pretty great names out there with amazing music. Louis Armstrong for one,” says Visser. Of course, you could also skip the theory and sample Armstrong’s A Kiss To Build A Dream On and gently ease into an evening of soft jazz. Though don’t come expecting all of Armstrong and Miles Davis, says Maarten. “They’re old-world, traditional jazz. We’ll be playing an adaptation—a contemporary take,” he assures.

    At Phoenix MarketCity, on June 7-8, from 7 pm onwards. Free entry. Details: buzzintown.com

    —Janane Venkatraman


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