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    Enjoying the new challenge of screenplays, Chetan Bhagat talks about action comedy Kick

    He IS the poster boy for making a success out of changing tracks. Chetan Bhagat chucked his investment banker job to concentrate on his writing career. He is one of Indiaa��s few contemporary writers to have successfully sold remake rights for all his published works to Bollywood filmmakers. Five Point Someone and Two States of My Marriage are just two of his bestselling titles (made into the movies 3 Idiots and Two States). Bhagat has added another entry to his resumea��as the screenplay writer of the Salman Khan-Jacqueline Fernandez starrer Kick. Herea��s what he has to say about it:

    kick-1aHow different was the process of writing a screenplay from book writing?
    It is quite different. Writing a screenplay is a far more consultative process, for instance. I tried screenplays because it posed a new challenge. Also I wanted to work in a team as writing a book can be quite lonely.

    What is Kick about?
    The idea came from the Telugu film of the same name, of which this is an official adaptation (The 2009 Kick is an action comedy that starred Ravi Teja and Ileana Da��Cruz). Kick is about a man who lives for his kick. The movie is not about kicking someone!

    Do you have any aspirations for directing too?
    I have toyed with the idea. However, I lack patience to stay on sets 12 hours a day for months on end. Being an author, you get spoilt at the freedom you enjoy in terms of time and location for doing your work. For now I think I am better off working with directors than being one.

    You have a new book coming out later this year?
    Yes. The next book releases this October. It is a rural-urban Indian love story. I am quite fortunate as I have had many offers from Bollywood for some really big and amazing projects. However, I have been busy with my new book. Perhaps I could do a script after it.

    Kick is scheduled to release on July 28.

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