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    Anna Chlumsky on why the Meyer-Brookheimer bond is unbreakable on the show, Veep.

    WHILE American actress Anna Chlumsky is busy showing off her baby bump and discussing Japanese food cravings on the political drama, Veep, her character Amy Brookheimer is a a�?trouble-shooter, issue-mediator, doubt-remover, conscience-examiner, and thought-thinkera�? all rolled into one. Well, when you have an overtly demanding boss like Selina Meyer, the fictional president of the United States in this case, you have little to no choice. And Chlumsky excels in her role as the chief of staff, always cleaning up Meyera��s mayhem.A� She has won three Emmy Awards nominations for the show.
    The actress tells us more about the series, now in its fifth season, and the on-and-off bond between Meyer and Brookheimer.

    Your thoughts on the Meyer-Brookheimer relationship.
    They share an intimacy with each other. And theya��re both so career-focussed that they cana��t achieve that intimacy with anyone else. So even though theya��re not friends or family or any of these traditional healthy relationships, they do share that (career-focussed quality). And so, of course, if theya��re away from one another, therea��s a void.

    Is it possible for Brookheimer to imagine her life outside politics?
    I think that staring at any kind of life other than politics, for her, is like staring into an abyss a�� ita��s just vacuous and frightening. I always say shea��s in her own Greek tragedy.

    Does the complexity of real worldA�elections affect the show?
    I think it just gives us an enormous pat on the back for calling it like it
    is for so long. I think that therea��s an element of a�?told you soa��, every time a candidate says something completely off the beam.

    How difficult is life for womenA�in politics?
    Ita��s certainly not easy. However, Ia��ve met plenty of chiefs of staff and plenty of special advisors who do have families. So I think wea��ve got to blame Brookheimer for not achieving the balance between her personal and professional life.
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