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    Vivek Karunakaran on his much-awaited SeabiscuitA� line for men and kids

    a�?One can easily get run-of-the-mill clothes from stores like Lifestyle and Shoppers Stop but whata��s lacking is attention to well-finished and constructed garments whose designs are classy and fabric is customised,a�? says the acclaimed designer Vivek Karunakaran speaking about his new kida��s wear collection Seabiscuit. The line is inspired by equestrian sports, with fabrics that include woven and jersey which exudes an uber, luxurious feel.1
    a�?We have always been doing bespoke garments for children for which the response has been such that we decided to launch a line.a�? What stands out is the interesting use of kalamkari in a few pieces of the collection. a�?Ita��s not like the government is not doing enough to preserve the art but we need to make it more fashion-friendly. It needs to go beyond saris and wall paintings,a�? he says, adding that this kida��s wear collection is a testament to that.
    Children may not understand design but they can certainly feel the fabric. a�?Thata��s why comfort is the most important factor in this collection. We have used fabrics like linen and cottons, silk and linen silk jacquard. Parents also prefer slightly loose garments. We tweak the sizing and make the garment customised in a way that provides satisfaction to customers,a�? he saysA� elaborating.
    a�?My personal favourite from the collection is the tuxedos for the one-year-olds. I think they look cute, adorable and absolutely yummy in them.a�? We get the picture Mr Karuna-karan and what a lovely one it is. Rs 3,000 onwards. Details: 43153454

    Seema Rajpal


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